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    • Great feedback @Richard. We've recently introduced a feature which marks conversations you've seen as "read". Unfortunately, I originally proposed greying out the title of the conversation to make it clear that I've seen it already. However, now that this feature is live and while using it, I also find it hard to read. This feature is very useful, but I think the implementation needs to change to keep title readable.

      I'll work on this and will update you on the progress. Please keep feedback like this coming.

      Thank you, @Richard!

    • Cheers, Vilen. I'm glad to hear you're thinking about it. I agree that it is helpful to have a visual marker for threads that you have visited. I just don't care for the current implementation. There are other ways of accomplishing the same thing, say, bold or italic font vs. normal, or a different color new activity dot--green if you've never visited, blue for new but unseen activity in a thread you have previously read. There are probably others as well.

    • I think we've come up with a solution you'll like. We're keeping the conversation titles readable at all times!

      To indicate whether you've seen this conversation or not we are relying on the "bubble" graphic next to the conversation title. The "filled in" bubble indicates a conversation that you haven't seen yet, while the "outlined" bubble indicates that you've seen it. The "blue dot" on top of the bubble indicates that there are new posts in a conversation.

      Thank you for your feedback, Richard!