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    • Jack Dorsey talked about the fact of following topics several times on his two talks with Joe Rogan. To me it is such an obvious choice but I would imagine major stockholders have a problem with substantial change. He was also asked about why you can't edit a tweet and mentioned this was something up for consideration as well. Again seems like a no brainer, but....

    • I think Twitter’s influencer culture is so baked in that they would kill their company.

      Imagine if you had 2 million followers. And Twitter said that those follower counts were disappearing and people are going to start following topics instead. Wouldn’t you move your audience to a Facebook group or to Instagram?

      Now imagine you’re an investor in Twitter, which is worth $25 billion versus Facebook’s worth of $650 billion. And you’re told that they’re going to risk losing their influencers’ audiences so people can follow topics instead. I think I would sell my shares in Twitter and then short the stock.

      This could be incredibly good news for Cake, however, if they actually went through with it. Do you really want to follow topics on Twitter when the current top hashtags are filled with spam? And do you want to have 288 character conversation responses compared to full paragraphs on Cake?

      Mastodon was created as a better alternative to Twitter and gained a ton of followers last summer during Twitter’s trolling fiasco. Cake could gain a similar exodus of users assuming Twitter’s usual track record of pissing people off whenever it makes a change.

    • Here’s the catch...

      “In his view, that means rethinking how Twitter incentivizes user behavior.”

      He’s stuck in that “incentivizing” black hole...

    • I think Twitter should continue to be Twitter, but just do it better. Having followers is a big part of the Twitter experience and you go there to follow people, companies, etc. The encouraging thing of course is this seems to indicate people are open to something that revolves around interests. Hello, Cake! 👍😎

    • Twitter won't work if it isn't based around people. The same way Cake wouldn't work if it weren't based around topics. Twitter has always been about the people on the platform. Politicians, celebrities, reporters, athletes, YouTubers and Twitch streamers etc. If it switched focus from people to topics, the platform just wouldn't work. Like @slamdunk406 said, Twitter should continue to be Twitter, just better.