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    • One of the things that was so interesting about the first season of Legion was trying to figure out where the story was going. The writers seem pretty deliberate on not explaining people's motivations, or over explaining the plot.

      I'm left with so many questions:

      What exactly is the Catalyst? Clicking teeth aside, it seems like this is happening whenever Oliver and the Shadow King show up. I have a feeling there is more to it than that, since it happened at the club where we also know David showed up (After their fabulous dance party).

      What was the orb, was it really Sid from the future? The orb was the big question at the end of last season, and now they have just teased us with more information that just raises more questions. At least they answered what happened in there... apparently pictionary?

      Is David really free of the Shadow King? There was that sequence about delusion, which seems like it might be an indication that Lenny is still infecting David. Maybe just not in complete control.

      Does David really have Amnesia? Everyone seems to think he's hiding something, but we don't really know otherwise. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

      Are we going to get more dance battles? We can only hope.

      Curious what other people think.

    • Finally watched this episode so I could open this conversation without being spoiled.

      Now I remember why I found Legion season 1 frustrating to watch, even though I enjoyed it overall: I found it hard to follow the story watching an episode a week as they came out. It's an incredibly complex, well-made show that relies a lot on striking visuals and scenarios that repeat with subtle variations throughout a season to gradually reveal the plot. But when the time between each episode is interrupted by a week of real life, that all gets totally derailed (at least for me).

      Maybe I should wait and binge the season when it's finished.

    • I'm not going to pretend that I follow it all. I thought Show #1 of Season #1 was one of the best pieces of television that I've ever seen. It blew me away. This season almost feels like a pastiche of the show, like they're trying a bit too hard. That's probably unfair, more likely it's because the novelty has worn off.

      As for the specifics of this season, I'm just going with the flow and trusting that all will become clear to me as we go along.