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    • One of my favorite discoveries was the Mexican tradition of fortune-telling canaries. At Cantina La. 20 (which had delicious food and wonderful live music) I saw a gentleman carrying a small wooden box-cage on a stand around the restaurant and was curious as to why.

      For just a few pesos, the below amazing event transpired:

      I didn't get to capture it, but the little birds, after having some seeds, proceeded to pull a paper fortune out of the box of folded paper! It was magical.

    • Last but not least, when I saw photos of the Biblioteca Vasconcelos, I had to see this incredible building for myself in-person.

      I made the mistake of walking there (don't do that, it's a long walk, and the library is right next to a busy bus station), but the interior of this hulking concrete megastructure will take your breath away.

      You fully expect it to start moving, shifting and blending a la Inception:

      It's amazing.