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    • If you're looking to bring back some authentic Mexican crafts, arts, shoes, clothing, or even musical instruments or glassware - you can't go wrong with La Ciudadela.

      This massive complex features artisans and craftspeople selling their wares from all over Mexico.

      I love Huichol beadwork so I had to get some examples of the artform. You can see an artisan below pressing seed beads one by one into a wax-covered skull to make gorgeous patterns.

      It is an overwhelming experience. Come with cash and ready to browse. There are multiple vendors that specialize in similar things, and it can be easy to get disoriented, but we fell in love with some incredible alebrijes, embroidery, and more.

    • One of my favorite discoveries was the Mexican tradition of fortune-telling canaries. At Cantina La. 20 (which had delicious food and wonderful live music) I saw a gentleman carrying a small wooden box-cage on a stand around the restaurant and was curious as to why.

      For just a few pesos, the below amazing event transpired:

      I didn't get to capture it, but the little birds, after having some seeds, proceeded to pull a paper fortune out of the box of folded paper! It was magical.

    • Last but not least, when I saw photos of the Biblioteca Vasconcelos, I had to see this incredible building for myself in-person.

      I made the mistake of walking there (don't do that, it's a long walk, and the library is right next to a busy bus station), but the interior of this hulking concrete megastructure will take your breath away.

      You fully expect it to start moving, shifting and blending a la Inception:

      It's amazing.