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    • A little Ghost Town on Historic Route 66 in Arizona, where more burros than people do live here.
      Thousands of tourist visit every day, but after 5 pm, when the tourist shops close it becomes deserted and the burros leave the town, too. It's the town, when the whole town is only yours.

      Have you ever visited?

    • I have driven and ridden this route many times over the years starting in 1962 on my way to Palo Alto.

      They spoke frankly in Oatmen years ago - this frame is from 2009

      The Olive Oatman saloon from the same time period

      The BN&SF railroat was a common sight along the old route 66

      The Hackberry General Store wasn't far away

      The road was clearly marked

      I have shot much of the route in New Mexico, Texas and Missouri as well as Arizona. Here is from the Cadillac ranch outside Amarillo Texas

    • Great photos of great places... seen them all and been there at some even several times. There are interesting stories behind every place. Read quite a bit, but didn't have the time to write them all down.

    You've been invited!