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    • Paid subscription tiers is not a new idea on social media. Video sites like YouTube and Twitch which are free for everyone also has paid subscription tiers for fans who want to get exclusive perks from their favourite content creators. These paid tiers also provide additional revenue to the content creators themselves, giving them the motivation to encourage more of their followers to subscribe. Alternatively, some social platforms revolve exclusively around paid subscriptions, like Patreon. Now, Twitter is getting in on the action as the social network will soon be allowing users to "Super Follow" their favourite accounts.

      Like on any other platform, "Super Following" an account will give you some recognition with a visible supporter badge, access to exclusive content that the account posts, while also giving users a chance to donate to their favourite content creators.

      I think this is a good move considering how big Twitter is, and how wide of a reach some accounts have. Users will be able to show their support to their favourite accounts, content creators will be able to generate some extra income, and Twitter as a platform will probably solidify its user base too.

      Do you have any accounts that you'd like to "Super Follow"?

    • I don’t have any accounts that I wanna “Super Follow” but as one who creates content and appreciates those who create good content, I think it’s a fantastic idea.

      Obviously, content creators won’t want to make everything premium, but by having some premium features, that will allow content creators to get rewarded for putting forth good content and also allowing followers a way to show support for their favorite content creators. I think it’s awesome!