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    • I've never aspired to be really rich but sometimes I think it could be nice, for example to book a ticket to space next year. This view!! 😍

      For a dose of awe, check this. What a time we live in.

      How about this proposal described in The New Yorker?

      [the test pilot] then fished out a small, black jewelry box, which contained an engagement ring that belonged to a flight-test engineer on Stucky’s team named Brandon Parrish. Parrish called his girlfriend, Veronica McGowan, a fellow-engineer, up onto the stage with him and proposed. When she accepted, Stucky popped the cork on a champagne bottle, shook it up, and sprayed the couple. Afterward, one of Parrish’s colleagues said to him, “Way to set the bar too fucking high, bro.”

    • I’ve been wondering for awhile why Cake chose the 🚀 as one of its 60 available emojis.

      Now I know.

      Great video of the flight and a fun anecdote on the engagement proposal. Cool share!

    • For some reason, even though I'm broke, $250k for a ride to the edge of space seems like a reasonable price. :-)

      It's not high enough for me, to be honest. My ideal would be to see the Earth as a ball hanging in space. I'd like to get the sense that we're really just another blob in the infinity and that we're all in it together.

      The weightlessness, though, that would be awesome. Always wanted to do that, even if I had to vomit to do it.

    • Thank you. 🙂 It's one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I forgot to mention that the ring had been to space on the flight and Stucky was the test pilot. It happened in the celebration after.

      Richard Branson cried over the flight's success. I wonder how flat-earthers interpret a photo like that.