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    • Please join me in welcoming Karen Young, the founder and CEO of Oui Shave. A little bit about Oui Shave: it’s the first direct to consumer shaving brand created for women, by women. We're the first shaving solution that offers an heirloom razor and all-natural grooming products that cater to women's needs.

      Welcome Karen!

    • I've always been obsessed with skincare products, and often experimented to find the right products for my sensitive skin. Little known fact: I don't even own foundation, but body lotions...oh body lotions abound :) I experienced the worst reactions to shaving- ingrown hairs and razor burn to the extent that I couldn't shave for weeks in between. There was nothing available beyond the standard plastic razors, the very cause of my discomfort. When I spoke to other women, friends, family, co-workers, we all had the same visceral reaction to shaving. Even if their skin didn't react as severely as mine, we all connected over the fact that shaving was a subpar experience. I knew there was an opportunity that big brands were missing, and I knew I could build something better. 

    • Social has been an incredible channel to share our story and find supporters. We've also been incredibly lucky that editors, bloggers, and influencers have had transformative experiences with the products. By sharing their authentic experiences we've been able to build a great community around the brand. 

    • For anyone who says “why is shaving such a big deal” - the EPA estimates that 2 BILLION razors are thrown away each year, and ingrown hairs can have serious side effects. What are some other things you wished people knew about this field?

    • We've been conditioned to think that multi-blade razors are the only option, especially for women. Incumbents have trained women to feel that they're incapable of using a "real" razor,  essentially wrapping them in plastic bubble wrap and soap, under the guise of innovation. Our customers have proven that this is bull. Second, multi-blades became the defacto choice because the patents on the machinery for single-blade razors expired, leaving room for competitors to enter the field. Plastic razors, with the help of marketing spend, were quickly the most prevalent option. Given that plastic takes 1000 years to decompose, imagine that the first plastic razors ever made in 1960 are actually still in our eco-system and billions more join them every year. 

    • I think women face unique challenges building companies.

      I'd say being taken seriously as a woman building a razor, then having my business taken seriously as I worked to grow and share that story.

      Women reportedly build more sustainable companies, despite the odds, however, so I'll take those challenges as an opportunity for growth.