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    • Social has been an incredible channel to share our story and find supporters. We've also been incredibly lucky that editors, bloggers, and influencers have had transformative experiences with the products. By sharing their authentic experiences we've been able to build a great community around the brand. 

    • Building a meaningful brand takes times, it never goes as fast as you'd like.

      As a matter of fact, nothing happens quite as quickly as you'd like! 

    • For anyone who says “why is shaving such a big deal” - the EPA estimates that 2 BILLION razors are thrown away each year, and ingrown hairs can have serious side effects. What are some other things you wished people knew about this field?

    • We've been conditioned to think that multi-blade razors are the only option, especially for women. Incumbents have trained women to feel that they're incapable of using a "real" razor,  essentially wrapping them in plastic bubble wrap and soap, under the guise of innovation. Our customers have proven that this is bull. Second, multi-blades became the defacto choice because the patents on the machinery for single-blade razors expired, leaving room for competitors to enter the field. Plastic razors, with the help of marketing spend, were quickly the most prevalent option. Given that plastic takes 1000 years to decompose, imagine that the first plastic razors ever made in 1960 are actually still in our eco-system and billions more join them every year. 

    • Since starting in 2015, you’ve built a huge fanbase for Oui Shave online. Will you be taking the Oui Shave experience IRL in the future?

    • I think women face unique challenges building companies.

      I'd say being taken seriously as a woman building a razor, then having my business taken seriously as I worked to grow and share that story.

      Women reportedly build more sustainable companies, despite the odds, however, so I'll take those challenges as an opportunity for growth.