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    • These guys are CRAZY!! How many blown shoulders are involved in this race? All I could think of when watching this is I WANT TO DO IT! Need decent armor.

      Anyone with experience in mass downhill races like this?

    • I've raced motocross, enduros, cross country and hare scramble dirt bike races. I've raced mountain and road bikes. Would I want to race this race? Sure why not? Doesn't really seem all that dangerous to me. Certainly less dangerous than the 400+m high cliff faces I've climbed or overhanging ice climbs or a multitude of other sketchy things I've done. Bring it on!! I'm sure it'd make for some serious forearm pump going down that sucker!

    • The drop out of the helicopter I would say yes (I used to do bmx trick shows) but the rest...NOPE! Great video. Here's a picture of me when I turned 40: