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    • I have yet to find a single person that says they like mosquitoes, that noise of the wings buzzing by my ear drives me insane. Or when camping there's just that single one that gets in and you can never find it, or you see it then it flies off and somehow disappears...sound familiar.

      I found this and thought I'd give it a try this summer while I was camping.

    • Mosquitoes and Camping? Two words that go together but not in a good way!

      If you ride and camp chances are you might actually enjoy your camping experience if those pesky little buggers were around.

      Not much chance of them disappearing since they have been on record for over 79 million years. The oldest known mosquito with an anatomy similar to modern species was found in 79-million-year-old Canadian amber.

      Don’t blame the Canadians though, an older one was found in Burmese amber that is 90 to 100 million years old

      …but back to the present, why hasn’t anyone come up with a good way of keeping them away from us…enter stage left Thermacell.

    • Thermacell has a product called the Radius, did they design it for motorcycle riders, probably not, can we use it, hell yeah!

      Why? It’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery via USB and is smaller than a Coke can, so will fit in your tank bag and can be charging while you ride.

      What they say –

      heat activated, spill resistant, no spray, or lotion, auto off timer, protects a 100 sq ft area. The refill is good for 12 hours (but they also make a 40 hour version, unit holds a six-hour charge

      What I found is its good, and it works well, I wasn't in a heavily infested mosquito area, so not sure how it would handle a dense swarm. It was almost like there was a forcefield them couldn't get through. Good at the end of the night to put by the tent entrance so none followed me in.

      As summer is approches and the bugs appear maybe keep this in mind, mosquitoes will be getting hungry for blood…might be worth a try…what say you?

      or do you have a grandma's recipe that the world doesn’t know about that keeps you from being a victim?

    • Looks very nice small and useful (if it works). Will be curious to read more feedback on how well it works.. My biggest issues outdoor this summer were from poison ivy or oak, I didn't even know about!

    • In Africa, the staple is a bed net, despite their possessing all the chemistry repellents in the world. Bed nets do work, whether the power is out or not.

      Personally, I use DEET as a spray or ointment - I prefer to use 20->30% strengths, but I do use a drop of more potent stuff sometimes if I am going to be out of doors in the Arctic in mosquito season.

      I wear Permathrin soaked clothing - either commercially soaked, as by Ex Officio or White Sierra or other clothing manufacturers - or more typically, sprayed on by me.

      I listened to an entomologist speak about camping in the central American jungle with his children - all ensconsed in Permathrin sprayed clothing and Deet lightly used for exposed skin, and his children all were bite free and tick free after 10 days in the jungle..

      DEET + Permatrin is what the US military uses also.

      I am a believer.

      I also do own and use a head net from time to time - I'd really rather not, but......when in Rome..

    • I like that it fits easily in a tank bag. Can be charged by 12v and the bigger cartridge could last for a weeks ride

    • My granny recipe is ground cloves in a bottle of baby oil, rubbed on the skin - a trick given to me by a Master Gardiner a few years ago. Seems to work as well as DEET spray, but I'm still testing. I do like the idea of an 'area effect' tool, though. You didn't say what the mechanism is - does it release a scent, a noise, or something else to keep them away?

    • good to hear you like the Permethrin because I've read about it but not had anyone i know give e an honest review. I try to stay away from Deet unless absolutely necessary because its not good with so many synthetic.

      When you are adding it to your own clothes what have you found the most effective way to do this?

      In a few months I'll be in Siberia and possibly the most aggressive mosquitoes on the planet. I agree with the head net as a necessary evil, especially there

    • it releases a slight scent not a spray, it just seems to create an aura, its kind of like sitting in a tent...but without the tent if that makes sense. I found it good under a table when eating outdoors when they like to bite your ankles, at least the do with me.

      I'll be interested to hear you conclusion on your recipe because once the unit and/ or Permethrin runs out I'll be needing a replacement and like the idea of a natural solution

    • I agree with your concern about DEET and plastic and rubber degradation - so I try to minimize its use around those kinds of materials, and around cameras - sometimes I just use a tiny bit of high strength DEET ( 100%) across the back of my neck and ears and on my cotton hat, but not on a Gore Tex coat or hat. Not more than necessary, but enough for efffect. One can purchase 4 ounce plastic bottles of 100% DEET - that should last you for years of modest use. One other trick in heavy mosquito country that I think will work, but I have never seen suggested, is to wear the disposable blue vinyl examination gloves for ones hands - I doubt most mosquitos can penetrate that very effectively.

      Usually, locally, I just use the Deep Woods OFF with 25% DEET and lightly spray my shoulders, neck, ears, hat and the backs of my hands if I am not wearing gloves.

      The US military has treated its combat fatigues with Permathrin since 2003 - the permathrin is toxic if rubbed on the skin or inhaled, but once it has dried onto clothing it is no longer absorbable through the skin. One needs to spray the clothing until it is pretty damp and then let it dry, Do the spraying out of doors, do not inhale the fumes. I have done it several times out of doors - not an issue. Sawyer's says once spray treated, the effect should last through about 6 washings. The commercially treated clothing from Ex Officio and others, typically is said to last through 50 or more laundry cycles.

      Make sure you spray your socks, bandanas, underwear, T-shirts, and a long sleeve cotton T shirt or sweater too. And your jeans if you are not wearing rain pants. Wearing Gaitors over your boots will help keep mosquitos off your ankles too. I like the Gaitors from Outdoor ReSearch that seal in the front with a full length Velcro strip - easy to put on, easy to take off, and keeps water, mud and bugs off your ankles, and will help keep ticks from climbing up your legs - I've never sprayed Permathrin on my Gaitors - but thinking about it, I might in the future.

      DEET works better than permathrin for mosquitos in the Arctic (I believe), but permathrin immobilizes and kills ticks on contact, which is great! Particularly if you are not going to be bathing and changing clothes daily.

      When I walk around a local lake in central Indiana I usually don't use anything, but when the humidity is very high for several days, and modestly cool, black midges or no see ums can drive you nuts trying to get into your eyes, ears, and noses - I think they're after moisture, they don't bite. DEET on my hat and maybe a bandana around my neck or suspended from my hat, drives the tiny black midges away and one can walk much more peacefully.

      If I was only going to walk a 100 yards or so, I wouldn't do anything, but if one is walking for several hours, one needs a little peace and tranquility.

      In Siberia, like Alaska, and Greenland, you will want all the tricks you can gather to deal with the mosquitos. You MAY, depending on season, breezes, temperatures etc, need head nets too. I used them in Greenland for photographing at sunset along the seashore. I have seen the sky turn black shortly after sunset in northern Canada near Hudson's Bay - without serious protection, you would be likely to die from blood loss...... modest exaggeration for humorous effect.....I think....

    • The problem I found last time in Siberia and Alaska was the amount of mosquitoes at golden hour could serious ruin an image and post processing you could spend a crazy amount of time eliminating them.

      I like the idea of spraying on the clothes prior to entering the area, maybe once I hit Ukraine it'll be time to get the spray out and it should last for the rest of the ride east

    • I did say the sky turned black near Hudson's Bay, so yes, they can be so dense a cloud they interfere with visualization, or filming.

      Ideally, you want to wash your clothes before spraying, dry them thoroughly, spray them with Permathrin with the pump spray bottle it comes in, and let it dry completely before re-donning the clothing. NIcer to do in a modestly warm climate out of doors.

      But once sprayed, they should be good for 4-6 weeks without retreatment if they're not being washed every week.

    • that's when you need that ONE person that attracts them more than you..."do me a favor go stand over there and get bitten for a while, I need a clear sky to take a shot!"

    • Definitely seems like a good product. Mosquitoes are a real pain, so anything that can keep them away from us I’m all for! Thanks for sharing!