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    • I've read and truly believe from experience that shame is the source of low self-esteem, insecurity, and diminished confidence, yet it has been dismissed as minor in psychological studies. How important is "shame" when dealing with the influence it has on mental and emotional health?

    • I didn't know shame was discussed as minor in psychological studies. I'm not doubting, I just thought it would have been a big thing.

      I'm not sure how the word shame is used exactly, but I certainly felt very embarrassed about the situation my mom and I were in when I grew up and I thought it affected my confidence for years. I actually gave a TEDx talk about that recently:

    • Interesting and inspiring story, although I haven’t finished it said your wife has a degree in psychology, I believe...I would be grateful and extremely interested in her opinion on the subject of “shame” and the study or lack of in human psychology...I read in an excerpt from a book that shame has been neglected because it “remains under taboo in contemporary society...there is a significant degree of shame about shame, causing it to remain hidden.”