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    • I am considering buying a new MacBook Pro, however I am on the fence regarding Touch Bar. If you have had it for a while now, could you comment on how you use it?

      So far I have read mixed reviews, so I would like to know what the Cake community thinks. Thank you!!!

    • I initially liked it. But after more than a year, the reality is I rarely use it except when I have to.

      I don't hate it like a lot of people do, but for some reason I just haven't developed a habit of using it when there's an alternative. For example, as I type this my Touch Bar is showing me controls I can use to navigate back or forward in Chrome, reload the page, or enter a URL. I've literally never used those features, because reaching for the Touch Bar is more work than just using the touchpad below the keyboard.

      That said, I do really like Touch ID. Being able to unlock my laptop with a fingerprint is super convenient.

    • I also just made the jump to the new MBP, and wasn't too enthusiastic about the touch bar, but I've come to like it for when I can really use it. It is still a bit gimmicky, but it has practical use in some apps that actually use it, like Spotify, Sketch, Photoshop, etc. Having a dedicated hotkey to functionality I use frequently is very helpful at times.

      Two rage inducing things though. I realize how often I rest my fingers on the escape key... Took me a while to break that habit. Next, when I have Chrome open, I'm always hitting the back button randomly. I can customize this though so there isn't a button in that spot I hit often, just haven't gotten around to it.

      Over all, I think it has some minor practicalities, but it's not a huge selling point IMO.

    • I wanted to love it but meh. The fingerprint scanner is useful for 1password.

      I have the 2016 model and a lot of people, including me, dislike the keyboard. I'm a fast typist but I'm not accurate with this keyboard and I haven't been able to train myself to be.

      So I use a logitech bluetooth keyboard, which I love. I have many fewer typing errors, so I can move faster. The good news is then my MBP is up higher which makes my posture better. But it makes the touch bar harder to reach, so I rarely use it.

    • After a year an a half with using the touchbar, I could live without. It's a gimmick at best.

      On my pre-touchbar MacBook, I would never look down at my keyboard. Now on my MacBook touchbar, the lack of haptic/physical feedback forces me to look down. I'm constantly looking down to change volume, hit escape, and change display brightness. It wastes time. Instead of tapping a button multiple times to change volume and brightness multiple levels, you have to touch the an icon then drag your finger. That is much slower.

      I've had the touchbar crash too. It literally goes black and I have to restart my machine. I've never had real escape and f keys fall off 🙃

      Maybe it'll get better in future iterations, but right now IMHO the touchbar is junk. Unfortunately you're forced to pay for it if you want a 15" MacBook Pro. I'd rather have more ram or disk space than a touchbar.

    • I use mine on occasion, swapped out the siri for locking since I use it at work. It can be handy to navigate some of options depending on the application in use.
      Gimmicky for sure but how else to test something out, tesla use dumb phrases to label functionality in their cars, just par for the course in tech I think. check me out I am cool and won't call the function what it really does as I am sooo cool (meh)

    • Despite agreeing with others that it's a bit of a gimmick, it's super cool that app devs can leverage the touch bar as part of their app. Spotify's touchbar UI is pretty slick.

    • The finger print sensor is great. However, I find that the touch bar takes my eyes away from the screen. This is distracting and less efficient. My process flows for digging in menus or using keyboard shortcuts is well ingrained. For users new to Mac, or those getting started with new programs, I could see how they would appreciate more functionality at their fingertips without the need for digging through menus. My pet peeve is accidentally hitting the Siri button when I reach for the delete key.

    • I HATE that Siri key! I just can’t seem to type well with the MacBook Pro keyboard, and hitting the Siri key is the mistake I make most.