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    • Cheers, @jpop, good write up. Seems to me that using traditional antitrust thinking largely overlooks the dangers that Amazon, FB and Google pose to personal autonomy and privacy, which concern me more than their impact on, say, Internet startup formation. That's not to dismiss the old concerns about size and market control or other abuses, but rather to emphasize that we're dealing with new threats as well, and these seem more ominous.

    • Indeed. But the thing to keep in mind here is that none of them are invincible. As noted in the article, tech giants get their influence by users voluntarily flocking to them. And if users start feeling the privacy trade-offs are not worth it any more, they might flee. Which is probably the prime motivation behind the Zuck's "'whoa, privacy is good, we will definitely do the privacy thing" statement made the other day. They live and die by their users' satisfaction. We do have the power to influence their behaviour.

    • I think he makes an interesting point. If it’s an accurate reflection of public sentiment, it may make sense for Google and Facebook to get ahead of the story and implement realistic solutions. Otherwise Warren’s proposal may end up the lite version of what’s ultimately implemented by Congress in 2021.