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    • Richard

      The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that animals have no legal standing to sue for copyright infringement. The case arose when PETA sued photographer David Slater for selling a selfie taken by a monkey. PETA and Slater reached a settlement, but the court chose to rule anyway to make the matter perfectly clear. Details here.

    • adam

      Let's file this one under: obvious things that didn't need to waste taxpayer money.

      And to PETA: please do things that matter and make positive change for animals and nature. This did not.

      That said, what a silly lawsuit! 🤣

    • Richard

      Yes, precisely. There are many important issues regarding animal rights. Among them are what legal protections they may be entitled to, but this suit was a poor choice to establish precedents. Making silly claims does not advance the cause.

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