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    • I keep seeing ads on Twitter and Instagram for their Game of Thrones game. It’s looks kind of interesting, although I’m not sure what differentiates it from other VR experiences beyond having the Game of Thrones content license. Has anyone tried it?

      Here’s the trailer:

    • Thanks for posting. Magic Leap blows my mind because they famously raised $2.3 Billion, and last week they somehow raised another $230 million. Now their thing is finally out in a few AT&T stores for >$2,000. The ad made it look stylish and cool but what exactly is it and why do I need it?

      My understanding is it's not very differentiated from Microsoft's Hololens or Facebook's Oculus, and both those companies are pouring huge sums into theirs too. Here's what Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, who left shortly after Facebook acquired them and now works on border security tech, says about Magic Leap:

    • Thanks for sharing that write up, it was pretty interesting and well written. I had no idea they raised so much money!

      I remember a few years ago when they were kind of this vague spectacle and it looked like they were on to something transformative, but it looks like their tech is kind of industry standard and even leaves a lot to be desired. The bit about the controller was particularly interesting. It seems like maybe they’ve hamstrung the platform with its design.

      I guess I’ll wait to see if they put out any good games/experiences. Not about to spend $2000 on a headset any time soon 😂