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    • @yaypie found this excellent show when it was only a pilot on Amazon Video, and we just finished watching the whole first season. They have made or are making the second season already.

      It's a black comedy about high stakes, low support US espionage, with a level of horrible screwups and problems within problems worthy of the Coen Brothers. It's wonderfully written and beautifully directed, with sweet melancholy music and a great cast (Terry O'Quinn!)

      Anyone else watching it?

    • This is the trouble with Cake. I'm supposed to be focused on inviting people, posting, etc., and I keep reading posts like these that make me realize I need to take a month and just binge watch all the suggestions I'm seeing.

      It seems to get great reviews from Amazon customers:

      5.0 out of 5 stars PATRIOT is long overdue November 5, 2015: Amazon Video|Verified Purchase
      Finally! A show crediting its viewers with intelligence and humor. Hilariously clever. Confidently written, acted and shot by people who know there is a large – and hungry – audience more than happy to be challenged by characters and plot lines that aren't spelled out with a mallet, needlessly blown up or undressed for mindless titillation. Highly recommended and something to be celebrated and supported.

    • I had heard about Patriot on some podcasts I listen to. I figured I'd watch the first episode and see what happens. I think I binged 6 in the first night. 😱

      I got busy and I still have two more episodes to watch, but it surprisingly dragged me in. Highly recommended for anyone to check out the first episode, for sure.

    • I still don't think I've ever laughed harder at anything in my life than at the tiny cops scene in episode two. @Felicity can confirm. Tears were streaming down my face. 🤣

    • Sweet, I didn't know they were making a second season. I loved the first one. It's different and different is good.