Hello to an Iowan, from a Hoosier! 😄

Was Hoosier even an offering on your list?

My pharmaceutical insurer for what Medicare doesn't seem to cover, sends me a statement each month delineating what they have paid, what I still owe, and what Medicare paid. Takes less than one page, since I take little in the way of medication. Why it is felt that I need this information monthly I don't truly gather, but perhaps folks with major drug needs might need this information.

Also included in the unnecessary monthly mailing to me, is a letter, asking me what language I would prefer to receive my statement in - the list of possible languages runs four typed single space pages - many of the languages I have never even heard of after a long professional life in the USA, 15 years of post high school education and 4 years of post graduate training and having travelled in over a dozen foreign countries. As a world traveller I am a novice, but not a total rube.

I wonder what the sum total cost of this repeated monthly questionaire and associated 4 typed pages in the mailing is for the my insurer's national foot print.

It must be a significant sum.