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    • I'm bored of the same old same old. I'd like to justify these shoes as making my joints last longer (would they?) but I'll admit the cyclists are having all the fun with their aero carbon shock absorbing hydraulic e-bikes. When do runners get to get excited about tech?

      Would you try these? They're not race legal because they provide a boost but I don't race and hey, why not look better on Strava? They're $372 but supposedly they last 3x normal running shoes.

    • At times the science says no shoes is fastest. While cyclists get a great cardio workout, our bones don’t get enough shock and can actually get thinner. The jarring of running helps to strengthen our bones. Recent research found that contrary to what we believed about exercise damaging our joints, it’s actually the other way around. Exercise helps our joints and reduces bone deterioration. That’s good news for people who care enough about their bodies to do something about it. The problem is people can overdo it or build mileage faster than their body can get used to it.

      I’ve seen those shoes before and thought they’d be fun to try. I’m not sure if the energy you get back would overcome the weight penalty. It’s only money - give it a try and do a review. Good excuse to get in better shape :)