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    • I promise not to post anymore vehicle marketing videos, but I will say that whoever did this video for GM did a great job.

      I saw the announcement on line yesterday for the 2021 EV Hummer at a price of ~$100K +, and doubted there would be that many takers; but the video delineates the capability of the vehicle much better than the announcement, and its off road prowess looks to be very impressive. Hopefully, the price of electric computerized vehicles will fall like the price of computers fell..............

      1,000 Hp - really???

      11,500 ft lbs of torque - yikes!

      0-> 60mph is ~ 3 seconds

      ~ 350 miles range with 100 mile added in 10 minutes of 800 Volt charging

      4 wheel steering - I think Nissan did that with the 300ZX didn't they?

      Under armored and with factory rock sliders

      The video hints at tire pressure lowering from the dashboard 15 PSI, but does not expressly promise it. Edit -> further investigation reveals that tire pressures are not changeable from the dash, but require individual attention outside the vehicle, one at a time

      Extract mode lifts the vehicle frame/body pan about 6 in higher in slow speed modes

      Stock 35 inch tires, with room ( physical and electrical ) for the expected 37 inch tires some will want

      Introducing CRAB MODE - now that is interesting - the ability to drive diagonally from the vehicle axis. I don't think we have seen this sort of mobility in an SUV before

      And the roof panels all come off, to allow the "Jeep" open air driving experience

      The interior looks pretty luxe, but nice. I think the video screen is 14 inches or larger - one only gets a very brief sight of it when the roof is removed

      PLEASE - Watch the video, and report your impressions of the new Hummer EV and of the videography of the video as well. This is a marketing video, disigned to sell the viewer a new Hummer, but it is well done, and dots a lot of off roaders "i"s

      I think this one may compete with the CyberTruck and the Rivian pretty nicely - I am begining to think I may really want one of these vehicles. It seems doubtful we'll ever see a real Badger. The demise of petroleum powered pickups is dawning - we only need 600 mile range batteries with rapid recharge for those who are towing large trailers. As I think about this Hummer EV, an SUV body style might be even nicer than a pickup.......

    • I promise not to post anymore vehicle marketing videos

      Please don't, that was AMAZING!! 🤯👏😍💪Oh my God.

      So my progression of thought went like this:

      1. Wait, Hummer? Too big. All toxic masculinity and no real substance unless you are deployed in Iraq. Planet destroyer.

      2. GM, huh? They, sir, are no Elon. He's going to own them.

      3. Can this video please move beyond planets and lightbulb hype and show me the damn truck?

      4. Oh. That's not what I expected it to look like. Hey, not bad. Actually, I prefer that look to Cybertruck look.

      5. Wait, what?!! How is this coming from GM and not SpaceX? This is too advanced even for Tesla.

      6. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This can't be true. There's way too many advances here to be real.

      7. There must be a YouTuber who got an early peek. Details. I need more details.

      8. I want one.

    • That was exactly what went through my mind as I watched the video - I did say it was a marketing video!

      Stars, planets, cracks in the ground - ie; ground breaking - many potential meanings for an off road vehicle of course.

      Waaay too expensive, but electric cars, like computers, should scale fairly easily, and drop in price similarly - I hope I hope I hope! Should we even be taliking about new vehicles in the midst of a pandemic?? Unseemly?? Or just, life goes on, for most of us, at least.

      The Hummer EV looks pretty decent inside and out. The video screen is smaller than I thought, maybe 15 inches or so.

      1000 HP - Holy mackeral, or holy s(stuff) - That can't be right, can it??

      11,500 ft lbs - now we are talking SERIOUS power - it might even offer the Cybertruck a serious run for who's on first. Why didn't they take it to an even dozen, or maybe 6 ft tons of torque?

      After watching the video @Chris linked, the 11,500 ft lbs were wheel torque, and they calculated the actual torque at the motors, as torque is usually reported, as 3 x 335 ft lbs or a total of about 1,000 ft lbs. Still quite respectable.

      Interesting - but won't appear in the wild until 2022.

      Next up will be Ford or Dodge into to the fray.

      I wonder if Cummins might have an electric drive train up their sleeve, also.