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    • I can’t even imagine the stamina to play 18 hour days of poker. I get that there are meal breaks and nature calls, but still, you’re talking intense concentration for hours at a time. Clearly you’ve got some serious playing ability to win the local tournaments to qualify for a seat at the WSOP.

      Have you heard about a book called the Poker MBA? It’s a novel about a failing startup owner who meets a cardshark and successful unicorn founder at the Main Event. Like any such novel, it probably isn’t completely accurate on the tournament, or on how to right a struggling startup, but it definitely gave me a flavor for what the first few days of the event are like.

      If I ever meet a WSOP player in person, what’s a good question to ask to elicit a good story?

      By way of example for what I mean by a “good question,” I’ve found asking private pilots the question,

      “Have you ever had a near miss?

      tends to result in one or more interesting stories shared.