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    • So what have you been doing playing-wise since the pandemic began? Is there any talk of zooming tournaments?

      There’s so much nonverbals and body language that must go into betting that I don’t know if it would be the same game if played remotely.

    • good question... so back in March and April an app called Pokerrr was very popular among my friend group who play poker. There was basically a game going every night at varying buy-ins. It was for real money and anyone who brought an outside friend was responsible / on the hook for any money they lost and owed.

      It was also a really nice way to stay connected with friends and have something to do when things were at peak uncertainty.

      Back in March and april it was uncertain if the world series of poker would happen, seemed pretty obvious it wasn't but it wasn't announced right away, they moved it to this fall which i'm still pretty skeptical of. Sitting around a table for 6 - 12 hours a day touching the same cards etc makes the idea not very palatable.

      Not sure what this means for the future of live poker for a while.

      I'm sure online poker was booking in these little apps, in the US we can't play on the major poker sites as heavy lobbying by casinos worked and the Fed blocked the sites from operating legally here. Casinos have seen their businesses decimated by Covid and the irony is that people would have gladly gambled online and played poker on their sites if they had adopted the new technologies and change in consumer behavior instead of trying to criminalize it! The old innovators dilemma :)