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    • Well, it was actually kind of a crazy time in our lives, because Kelly is an actual research scientist, I draw cartoons for a living, and we got the chance to write this book as we had our second child - it was absolutely insane. I have a recollection of every second being squeezed. I remember waking up at 5 AM, seeing an open textbook on the floor, and realizing I had to start! It was pretty zany. We got into technical sources that other people weren’t using, we didn’t want to just do a Wikipedia version of these topics, so we did our best to do our research that people without jobs and children would be doing. It was a lot of fun. My wife and I, we like to sit down and chit-chat after dinner, but for a year and a half, we were talking about weird technology. It was a year and a half from the publisher saying yes to us turning in a manuscript. The bulk of the research was done in about 18 months.