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    • We’d love to! We’re working on another project now. The amount of under-reported space stories is just incredible. There’s a wonderful book called AMAZING STORIES FROM THE SPACE AGE by Rod Pyle, and it's just a collection of little gems. Apparently the Soviet kit for space used to include a pistol?! What’s funny is there’s actually a reason for it - you’re thinking were they going to go Wild West in Space? But the Soviet system didn’t land over the ocean, theirs landed in the woods of Russia. So this literally happened, where Cosmonauts had to face off with wolves. So they had to pack heat in case of wolf attacks. There’s some story where another person landed in a remote area, and villagers were trying to help him by throwing axes - they were trying to give him axes because the wolves were coming.

      There are also so many crazy stories of things the military wanted to do but never executed on, things like moon bases. There was one story we originally included in the book but had to cut for space reasons (space in the sense of room - this is a real problem with Google, where you have to distinguish this) - there’s a story about something called Project Orion. We just posted a lost chapter from it about nuclear fission power. They wanted to use nuclear bombs to explode our way to space. Totally cool, right? It’s a lot of late 1950’s projects where you have the intersection between space and nuclear. Freeman Dyson, who I think is still alive, worked on it. Apparently Werner Von Braun liked the proposal.

      You can make what’s called a “shaped charge,” a nuclear bomb that’s kind of small, and basically if you explode a bomb, the energy goes in every direction, but if you put a reflector on one side, and optimal energy scattering stuff on the other side, if you’re trying to go up in a spaceship, you want the explosion to point up so you’re not wasting the energy. The spaceship is described by George Dyson in Project Orion - imaging a giant syringe, and the syringe out the back shoots out nuclear explosives, and they hit the back plate, and the reason it’s shaped like a syringe is the plate absorbs the energy and acts as a shock plate and delivers the energy to the vehicle. What’s crazy is for physics reasons I don’t completely understand, essentially the bigger you make the vehicle, the more stable it is being blasted into space. But the really crazy part is, because of that, you might as well build the biggest ship possible, and one was proposed called the “Super Orion” that would have been bigger than the Titanic.

      Probably would have been more research done in a year with that than what's been done since! But it turns out there are reasons you don’t want to use however many bombs to get a Titanic into space. For obvious reasons it was stopped, but what a crazy idea. And there’s many other projects that were just as crazy. There were many interesting ideas in the late 1950s about what you could do in space.