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    • This e-bike has style. Cruiser bikes aren’t for everyone, but for those who appreciate the design and chill riding position, this could be the ultimate cruiser bike. I stumbled upon this Ruffian bike on a street cafe in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its lucky owner was sipping cappuccino with a friend but was eager to answer my questions and show off his beautiful cruiser.

      The guy loves riding this bike from the countryside, where he lives, to the center of town. It gets him there fast, skipping the crazy traffic, and he gets to enjoy the fresh air. He doesn’t carry anything on the bike, and he rides it just for fun.

      Ruffian has 90km (56 miles) range, which is plenty for these types of adventures. The 32km/h (20mph) pedal assist max top speed is only limited by a chip (because laws), but it can go much faster.

      The bike weighs 33kg (73lbs), so it is heavier than most city e-bikes. The $5,000 price tag also requires a hefty bank account. But I think this stylish look is priceless. 

    • The Ruffian is hand-built in Germany. The frame is made of 7020 aluminum tubing, and a “fuel tank” case hides a powerful BOSCH Performance PowerPack (500Wh) battery.