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    • After almost a year of enjoying the smooth and silky taste of a nitrogen cold brew at Starbucks I was shocked to learn why I couldn't get a bigger cup to go. Whenever asked, I would request the biggest size only to be offered the 16 ounce cup. I guess I didn't bother asking why I couldn't get a larger 20 ounce cup. But today, I finally asked the barista why...

      She kindly replied that there is so much caffeine in a single cup that they don't offer it due to health reasons. That really surprised me, so I had to dig a bit to find out how much was too much. Turns out that the 16 ounce cup of this silky dark brew has 280 mg of caffeeine and the hypothetical 20 ounce cup would have had 350 mg of caffeine. According to a Mayo Clinic the daily recommended intake is 400 mg or less.

      The magic of the nitrogen cold brew all of a sudden seems a bit less magical to me, but that taste is just so hard to beat. Does anyone else like the nitrogen cold brew as much as I do? Should I worry about drinking too much coffee?

    • Google says a typical 8 oz. cup of brewed coffee has about 95 mg of caffeine, so that makes a 16 oz. cup of nitro cold brew equivalent to about 3 cups of regular coffee. That doesn't seem so bad!

      The LD50 for caffeine (the amount that would kill 50% of a given sample size) is estimated to be between 150 and 200 mg per kilogram for humans, so you probably don't need to worry too much about that 16 ounce nitro cold brew. At least not until you get to your 30th cup or so.


    • Well, as I sip my Costco brand hotel packet brew at home, you guys got me might take me all morning of reheating my coffee to get through two cups at home....but, when I head out on a long road trip early in the morning it seems like about miles 50-100 I really need a pick-me-up. So, typically I would do a Red Bull. This is the only time I really do an "energy" drink but you guys got me asking Google. INTERESTING FIND

    • Once, when I was much younger and significantly dumber, I pulled an all-nighter at work. When I started getting sleepy I drove down the street to a convenience store and bought an entire case of Red Bull. Back at my desk, I started gulping them down one after another.

      By morning I had probably downed at least half the case, and I was starting to feel terrible. I was shaking, couldn't focus on anything, and just felt wrong. I finally decided I needed to get home immediately.

      So I hopped in the car and drove home. I don't remember much about the drive except that even while I was driving I couldn't remember much about the drive. It was like I was seeing a slideshow of various stop lights and intersections and couldn't quite remember how I'd traveled between them. Time didn't seem to be working right. But somehow I got home without killing anyone and collapsed on my bed.

      A few hours later I woke up in a cold sweat, with my heart pounding and a horrible pain in my chest. I figured I must be dying, but I couldn't muster up the will to move to get to the phone. So I lay there in pain until I eventually lost consciousness again.

      When I woke up a second time I was fine. But after that I stopped thinking I was invincible and never drank more than one Red Bull at a time. 😥

    • The article you've shared is so good at illustrating the maximum advisable caffeine intake. Thank you, @vegasphotog! It was surpsing to learn that I could drink the entire 12 cans of regular Coke to get to the 400mg. I knew it had caffeine, just never bothered to find out just how much. Now I know 😉

    • When I woke up a second time I was fine. But after that I stopped thinking I was invincible and never drank more than one Red Bull at a time. 

      Or don’t drink Red Bull ever again... 😝

    • I love the NCB as well, VR. I think it's singlehandedly changed my coffee-drinking habits. I don't get it all that often -- it's expensive, so I try to save up free drinks from buying americanos and bags of beans -- but it is so good in these hot summers we've been having that I've switched partly over to cold-brewed iced coffee for the whole summer. I'll still drink hot coffee if my first coffee of the day is at a restaurant or if yaypie is making a pot, but I love having a pitcher of cold brew in the fridge, easy and ready. Normal cold brew isn't as smooth or rich, but it's still darn good (and cheap, and right here!)

      The caffeine content doesn't surprise me too much, but I'll have to consider it in my attempts to keep my caffeine graph from peaking or troughing too sharply. (I get migraines, and keeping a consistent daily intake of caffeine is a good way to avoid triggering one, since I refuse the simpler option of giving it up!)

      As for whether it's peak hipster...hailing from Portland, OR as I do, I feel I'm allowed to rule: nothing Starbucks does is peak hipster, because hipsters are far too hip for Starbucks. Now, small independently owned coffee co-ops nitro-cold-brewing single-location beans? Or better still, done on your own home nitro? That's pretty hip. ;)

    • I was in a Starbucks yesterday and an employee was walking around giving free samples, promoting how strong it was.

      I tried it but I just don’t like cold coffee.

    • I hate to break it to you, but your barista was misinformed. The nitro cold brews are not sold in a venti or trenta because the average person cannot finish it before the nitrogen would dissipate, rendering a less than ideal flat beverage. The caffeine content does not have anything to do with it. A grande nitro CB has 280mg of caffeine, a trenta CB has 360mg of caffeine, but the most caffeinated drink on the menu is a plain blonde coffee with 575mg of caffeine. You also can add extra shots of espresso, 75-85mgs of caffeine, to any drink including nitro CBs. The only restrictions based on dietary recommendations is that milk and espresso based beverages such as lattes, mochas, and frappuccinos are not served in trentas.