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    • It seems like Tesla has pulled a substantial lead on the competition and have gathered a heck of a lot more self driving data than even the nearest competitor. Do you think they'll be ready in a year? Do you think they are far ahead? What's your thoughts on the next few years and self driving wars?

    • I’ve been unsettled about this for awhile but now I pick Tesla. Great video, btw.

      One reason I pick them is comparing Tesla’s engineering to anyone else’s shows how talented they are. The cars are good at everything.

      The second reason is Alan Kay’s famous statement from Apple: if you want to build great software, build the hardware. Tesla does, Google doesn’t.

      The third is how much data they have that no one else can match.

    • There must be a gene that entrepreneurs share which keeps them from seeing how hard things are. If they could understand, they wouldn't do them. In the case of Elon, he seems to think everything is possible and soon, so he keeps making promises he can't keep. It's like Jobs used to say, we depend on the crazy ones for all progress.

      I think the only person who believes Tesla is almost there with full autonomy without geofencing is Musk. He may be the one to do it first because he's a maniac who drives himself to extremes to achieve his optimistic visions. We will see.