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    • In the 1920s, Billy Mitchell advocated for the building of bomber aircraft but the military considered bomber aircraft to be "unproven".

      The problem is that the military also was not prepared to conduct legitimate testing to discover whether Mitchell was incorrect or not.

      Once something is tested and found inadequate to the task, then and only then, is it appropriate to begin attacking it.

      Just as the medical community resisted for years the idea that ulcers are the result of an infection because that idea was "unproven" and yet showed no interest in testing it in order to DISPROVE it, so also some of what is going on now in the medical field is unscientific.

      Instead of discussing whether or not something is unproven, we need to discuss whether tests have shown it to be disproven. Once it is disproven, then you can truly Fact Check it, but it is not "fact checking" to merely state that something is unproven because all treatments are unproven until they are tested.

      A religious text admonished its readers to not dismiss something until they had put it to the test:

      "Test all things; hold fast that which is good"

    • The Germans bombed London many times in WW 1 from both airships and heavier than air bombers.

      I have a number in my mind from a popular history of the powerful weapons of WW 1 that some of the German bombers could carry about 1000 pounds of bombs, but I have not been able to find a link on Google verifying this memory in my head.

      The US Army Air Commands inability to see the future of strategic and naval bombing, pointed out by Billy Mitchell after WW1, was paralleled, later, by that of the Naval Commands inability to believe torpedo bombing would even be possible in Pearl Harbor.

      We seem to suffer from a lack of imagination some times. This has been said before in reference to cyber attacks on electric generation and currency values too. The current pandemic has laid bare how effective germ warfare might be against a modern nation.

      I found a link stating the Gotha bombers carried about 300-400 Kg of bomb load over London

    • Yet the problem of being over critical of something simply because it has not yet been fully tested remains how many people handle things.

      Suppose, that in November, someone had said "Joe Biden will be a great president." If a so-called fact checker had stated that claim is UNPROVEN, while that would have been technically true—it would also not fall under the category of checking something as to whether it is factual. Until January 20, that statement would not only have been unproven but it also would have been untested, therefore a so-called fact checker should remain silent until it is actually possible to test whether a statement is factual or not.