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    • Wow, what a speech! What made it so hard to hear is how true it is with regard to the investor community.

      I think that's what happened to Zuckerberg. He was just a very young software engineer, idealistic, when his investors decided it was time to sell Facebook to Yahoo for $1 billion. He didn't want to do it but had no choice in the matter.

      When Yahoo blinked and reduced the offer to $800 million, it hit the money guys where it counted. That made them willing to consider Zuck's ideas for how to get growth going again. I don't think Zuck was ever the most moral guy, but it's my guess that this is when he made a deal with the devil to grow at all costs, almost whatever it took.

    • I get Bruce's attitude. He was there at the very beginning of the digital/online revolution (as one of the cyberpunk pioneers), idealistic and full of hope, only to see it turned into a tool of the same moneyed class that ruled before, just with a different set of huge companies running everything.