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    • I was obviously on the tripod but also had some sandbags....not as crisp as maybe could be but I have taken a few daytime shots and it is a great lens setup. (a little over-enthusiastic HDR in LR for the post...hahahahah)

    • I don't doubt in my lifetime (I maybe have another 40 years in the tank if all goes well) that we will be colonizing on the Moon as a jump start to outer planets. Can you imagine recreating John Glenn's steps?

    • Great photos! The moon will never be the same for me after seeing First Man in the theaters last week. I noticed tonight we had a nearly full moon low in the horizon where it looked so big and I thought about that miraculous moon landing. It was the greatest technical achievement in history, I think.

    • I saw it on the big screen and loved it there. I think the sequence of the movie is the moon landing. It's 17 minutes, I think I heard, and was filmed in 70mm IMAX in anticipation of it being the movie's highlight. I actually think it was the most amazing few minutes of human history, certainly technological history. I can't believe it happened under the circumstances.

      However, it never made it to IMAX theaters and didn't do well in the box office, so what do I know?

    • Taken from Lone Mountain? I used to drive down to the strip at night and this angle to me seems alien with the Rio so far to left of Caesars.

      If I was there I would have taken a drive to figure it but...

    • Not a bad guess....Across the street from the south end of Desert Breeze park (Durange/Flamingo). In a business parking lot that is maybe elevated by 1-2 degrees and there is an empty lot in front of me.

    • Ok I know where you mean, I was basing it off the 18 mile mark.

      I might have a better place for you, town center and Siena monte, west side of the street is a path that leads to an elevated viaduct, great spot to shoot the whole strip with that lens with reduced light distortion