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    • Chris

      It's been in the works for awhile and waiting for Governor Brown's approval, and today it was signed into law. The main thing is you have to identify yourself as a bot if you are one. But the question I have is how do you enforce this with so many bots coming from overseas and so hard to detect?

      Anyway, this was a pretty fascinating interview with the lawmaker who pushed it through:

    • Seeker

      OK, but how would it be enforced? Someone suspects a poster of being a bot and clicks on a link to inform a moderator? Moderator (perhaps a bot?) then makes the accused prove he/she isn't a bot? Then what? Penalize the platform for allowing a bot to spread their message?

      I agree with the idea that we need to weed out such a society-changing negative influence, or at lease stem it's tide, but also need to make every effort in avoiding a new law like this from being used against us by unintended consequences. The devil is in the details, as always.

      Now how about a law that prohibits people from acting like bots? :-)

    • Chris

      That's a good question, Seeker. I have owned a large forum for years and we seemed to be losing the bot war as far as signups for spammers. One of the last things we tried was the Google-owned I am not a robot captcha where you click a circle and that's it. But it turned out to be by far the most effective.

      My understanding is Google can surmise a lot about whether you behave like a robot depending on how you move your mouse, a digital signature they assemble from your IP address and a host of other things. When in doubt they ask you to identify all the images with stop signs in them or something.

      Beyond that, I don't know. I had the same questions as you.

    • Seeker

      We met briefly at Sipapu, NM, back in 2007. Wet Fest for reals as it seldom stopped raining on us tent campers. Great times.

      Google knows how I move my mouse? Wait! When? How? Oh man, I need to get off the internet onto a bike. Strange days indeed.

    • vegasphotog

      I probably host and manage around 75 websites and if I have time I will spend 15-30 minutes daily blocking IP's from bot's. I implement the Wordfence plugin that also allows me to block ip's based on parameters I can dictate. Bottom line....BOTS SUCK DONKEY DOO.

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