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    • Hello this is my first post on Cake.

      However this isn't one of my good openings on any of my other social medias.

      I am just fed up with commercials.

      When we first got Cable TV it was suppose to be Ad Free which it was for a while, nowadays Cable has more ads than free to air TV.

      Now watching a video on the Internet regardless if it's YouTube or Dailymotion there is Ads.

      Unfortunately you cannot skip ads in some places, unless you record it and watch it later.

      I have gotten so sick of Ads that I got YouTube premium.

      I rarely visit Dailymotion as I don't know if they have a premium version like YouTube does.

      Entertainment and Video streaming Organisations need to follow the saying and abide by it when it comes to ads "less is more".

    • Welcome, Warren. 🎂

      It seems like every site is cluttered with them now. I just started a YouTube channel a couple months ago and I didn't plan to monetize it so it was a big plus that I could forgo the ads and just provide videos. But now they've changed the policy and all videos have ads. Argh.

    • I have Amazon Prime because I use it for the fast, free shipping and 5% discount on purchases, I have Netflix because it came bundled with my phone, and I have a DVR + antenna that records over the air broadcasts for local stations (in my area I receive about 80 channels over the air).

      That's all I have and with that, I can pretty much avoid commercials.

    • I didn't plan to monetize

      I pay for Vimeo for my stuff that I don't want cluttered. It's a much better service and isn't that expensive if your needs are 'modest'.

      Ad Block plus on Firefox works pretty well at hiding most ads for me. YT included. One click to skip ads and done.

    • Hi Chris, thank you for the welcome.
      I understand ads in one way, it's the way some places get revenue, but on the same token if they need ads play 2 or 3 before and after a show, movie or video has finished playing not during.

      I am glad you got a YouTube channel going, but the ad is what turns me off most of the time.
      It's like you're getting right into the show, video or movie you watch but the ad sometimes breaks your concentration and sometimes your suspension of disbelief.

      I am unsure about yourself Chris or others but for me, once a commercial comes I just can't get back in to the programming I am watching most of the time.

    • Damn 80 Channels the US seems to filled with heaps of Entertainment. Only if Australia would copy that, we would be on the same wavelength so to speak with US in terms of Entertainment. I think we have like just under or above 20 free to air channels. If you're on Digital or Cable it's like 100+ Channels here.

    • Yep - on Vimeo you pay for various feature sets. The Free option is limited. Higher fee - more features.

      It does have a lot of things that You Tube doesn't. Password to view, pay to view etc.

      I get by on the $100 pa package. But I mainly use it to deploy videos I've been paid to make and don't want the You Tube clutter/intrusions.

      Not music based - more for film maker and videographers looking for higher end features.

      Vimeo gives better compression algorythms - ergo quality, better players and a better user experience.

      You Tube is much easier to make a buck, but it's not a big earner.

    • I just got YouTube premium a couple of days ago. Prepare yourself though for video creators who embed advertisements right in their videos. Can’t win but the yt premium is definitely worth it for those who have some extra money. I watched a video with my students the other day that said they’re exposed to 4,000-10,000 advertisements a day. Single day. Ouch.

    • If there are too many ads embed ads in their videos I either stop watching or block the creators as I loathe ads with a passion if we are being honest, with the exception of movie or show previews.

    • I mistyped I meant to say I loathe commercials so much when it's during programming, I don't mind it before or after it. Like that I can flick to another channel until the commercial is over.

      I am thinking like when Cable first came around it was commercial free TV, you only saw previews for the upcoming shows. If it went back to that I would be extremely happy.