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    • I'm due for a new cell phone but the more I think about it the less I can justify the purchase. Why do I even need a cell phone? Safety? To stay connected? GPS? To look up things? The more I have reflected on it the last couple of month, the less it seems I really need it. Maybe I should get a land line again... Is the usefullness of the cell phone worth the damage it might be doing to my life and my brain? I never had a cell before and got along fine... (For the record I currently have an iPhone 5 with a relatively new battery.) Have you or would you consider giving up your cell phone? Why or why not? Do you think a cellular watch alone would be better than a phone?

    • It depends on your own lifestyle (I hate that word but it does seem appropriate here). I am retired and at home and on my laptop most of the time. Someone gave me a smart phone, but I only use it as a telephone and (rarely) a camera. Since working public telephones are scarce, I would not want to be without it. When I'm out and about, I don't need or want the Internet. Once in a great while I could use a map function, but then one can always ask directions. However, I think my needs are not typical. Back when I was working as an IT consultant, I used to lug a heavy laptop around mainly to keep up with my email--I would have given a vital body part for a modern cell phone then.

    • There is a small movement where people are moving back to 'dumb' phones. Maybe a dumb phone with a camera would be a good option for more of us.

    • Personally I have long ago stopped considering my phones (I tend to keep them long enough, 3-5 years if possible) to be phones. Rather, to pinch the term from sci-fi, I call and think of them as hand terminals. Yes, I can make phone calls on them but a) I do it quite rarely and b) I mostly use them as versatile portable computers. I would estimate it is probably 5% calls and 95% everything else.

      There's definitely a LOT of things that could get better with our hand terminals, including battery life, interoperability (!) and swappability/upgradeability/customization, but hey, remember that only 20-30 years ago the whole idea of such portable devices was very strictly limited to sci-fi and graphic novels.

      I don't see me getting a landline though, what would that accomplish?

    • I love my Motorola Z3 play. LOL especially when out riding, all day long listening to Spotify Jan Hammer mixes, or checking weather maps to ride around storms. And kicking back to relax with this social site and others. No one is forcing me to not simply not look at it (or set it on do not disturb) when I want to keep silent. Other than very few, I do not have audible/vibration notifications enabled for everything (like many do). I consider smart phones a useful tool, not an addiction or inconvenience. Just like with everything else, moderation is key ;-)

    • Yes, a tool in the toolbox, but back to @cvdavis and his original question.

      I maintain a POTS landline, since the lack of Internet options here for the vast majority of Americans (despite what the FCC thinks...) sucks! The landline is part of a 'bundle' that the cost of not having it is virtually equal to the cost of having it.

      So, it's here, along with my glacially-slow Internet service at the home - note that rating, huh?

      No, I wouldn't give up my cell phone...but the need for me to be on the cutting edge of technology may be slowing down a bit. My current Pixel 1 is still working fine after two years.

      I'll be dropping cable TV soon...that'll save a lot of $$$ annually.