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    • A year ago or so, in a different thread here on cake, about things to read, I saw a strong recommendation for Lionel Shriver's "The Mandibles: A Family 2029-2047" so it ended up on my Kindle.

      It didn't grab my attention initially, but recently I came across an article about Lionel Shriver which repeaked my interest a bit, so I have begun reading it. A lot of very funny, very dark, politically incorrect humor.

      It was published in 2016 - but reading it now, it seems very much like it was very presciently about the current days in its depiction of hoarding, multi-generation family’s struggling with living in small apartments.

      It is a story about a family living in the USA who lives through a collapse of the dollar due to the governments failure to honor its very large debts, and the resulting equality that occurs when everyone is hungry, homeless, and profoundly poor. Modern Monetary Theory come to life....

      It has some great humor, and some great pathos, and some biting satire. And I'm only halfway through.

    • Finished The Children of Men and it is one of those rare cases where I actually thought the film was better.

      The first half of the novel is a combination of world building and diary entries. I didn't really care for the protagonist's diary entries about growing up with his cousin. The world is very much an Orwellian dystopia, albeit without the ability to have children.

      The second half of the novel was where the film drew inspiration (someone becoming pregnant and them being on the run). It was a VERY good read for that half.