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    • Read this as I was falling asleep last night...

      I do recall the mantra in aerospace - check and double-check switch settings per the operations directive - as a part of test setups.

      It got to a point you could simply glance at a test system, looking at the switch settings and know things were correct.

      My, how far we've come.

    • Couldn't find any mention of packet radio in this conversation, but as a former user of such (ex-UA1AME), I can tell you that the easiest explanation is - imagine an old-style phone modem, which is connected not to a phone, but to an amateur radio transceiver (with all related obligations of having a callsign, having passed certain license exams for that, adhering to certain rules of radio frequency use, etc and so on). That's a gross oversimplification, but the basics are there. You connect digital terminals through a radio frequency, and send packets of data back and forth.

    • Thank you, your explanation makes perfect sense.


      The Cosmonaut communicated with amateur radio operators while he was on Mir and “he formed a close relationship with operator Margaret Liquinto. They spoke over packet radio, marking the first time that an orbiting station and an amateur operator had a line of communication.”