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    • It is impossible to answer your question in a straight way, because what is happening with Russian space industry is not governed by reason. I mean, of course physics still apply, and there's still a trove of very talented and hard-working people available to that industry, but the whole management thing, starting from the government, is no longer rational and haven't been for quite some time. The very existence of that industry is a nice-to-have remainder that is managed first and foremost because the cleptocracy-at-the-helm need make-believe for both external and internal observers, and secondarily for military and influence reasons. IMHO, YMMV, but that's my macro understanding of the situation.

    • Obviously, Roscosmos cannot compete on commercial grounds. But, same as NASA, it doesn't operate primarily on commercial grounds. Russian state will be there to keep it afloat as long as they are able to, not only for geopolitical but military and propaganda reasons. To give up on Roscosmos would be an outright admission that Russia is not a global power any more. That would play very badly.