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    • Dr. Novella from Yale is an acclaimed skeptic and neuroscientist. His lecture series, Your Deceptive Mind is the greatest set of lectures on how memory works that I have ever heard.

      However. I had a professor at Stanford who was the greatest geophysicist that ever lived, Allan Cox, Dean of Earth Sciences, fellow in the National Academy of Sciences, winner of the greatest honors you can get in geophysics.

      He taught us that committees of experts and skeptics work along a bell-shaped curve: they weed out the bad so bad papers don't make it into academic journals, but they mistake breakthroughs as wrong because they defy conventional thinking, causing critical thinking skills to reject them.

      Two of his biggest discoveries were continental drift and the earth's magnetic field reversing in time. Both of those were so outlandish to anyone with critical thinking skills that it set back his science 20 years. But eventually overwhelming data prevailed.

      Neil deGrasse Tyson says of this book:

      Thorough, informative, and enlightening, The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe inoculates you against the frailties and shortcomings of human cognition. If this book does not become required reading for us all, we may well see modern civilization unravel before our eyes.

    • I know CAKE is not really setup up for themed-threads versus convo's, but you dabble in some interesting reads Chris. As I have finally become a digital book reader on my phone, I went from reading one book a year (usually just on vacation) to 2-3 books per month. So, a fav books thread I would definitely follow. I have many friends that swear by audio books and I think this Skeptics guide will be my first audiobook for roadtrips. Thanks for the post!

    • PS - As a graphic designer, I love the font applique for the Skeptics cover. A little bit of standard Display-type with a tad of whimsy to give it an almost Marvel-esque sci-fi quality similar to the example below.

    • I'm the same, although podcasts are digging into my audio book listening, and Reddit & Cake are digging into some of my Kindle book reading. But if I'm driving, grocery shopping, biking or running, I've got a podcast or audiobook going.

      The hard thing for me has been to buy more and complete fewer. I don't know what it is, but it feels like I'm being wasteful if I don't finish a book. I'm trying to be more ruthless and if I'm just not getting enough or don't really believe the author, next book. Time is too precious.

      Also, so many books, so little time! This new book looks like something I have to read based on my occupation:

    • I hear much data to input....maybe DNA scientists in the future will be able to develop brain partitioning characteristics. LOL

      Speaking of your world....did you catch this in the news? Absolutely brilliant!

    • ”How to know what’s really real in a world that is increasingly full of fake”

      I can only speak for myself, but I have noticed (especially in this last week), that I am less and less confident that what’s real actually matters...

    • I know, it’s so shocking and so hard to understand, at least to me. I hope it’s not the Internet.

    • Epic troll! The most interesting thing about it is that there's speculation that the shredding may have actually increased the value of the piece. Try as I might, I'll never understand the art market.

    • This looks interesting. I read his take on the singularity and it seemed spot on to me, so I plan on reading the rest soon. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Y'know, I watched this episode with Neil deGrasse Tyson and yes I love the skeptic's guide stuff but something is nagging at me.

      It's the way Tyson describes how you can do all the thinking you want in science but really it comes down to the results of experiments. In my career, I've watched a lot of critical thinking come unravelled in the face of experimental results.

      I know science is so last decade, but I love how Tyson can tell stories and keep science books on The New York Times bestseller list. His new book is probably a fascinating read, and I do have a lot of confidence in him as a scientist.

    • I saw him last week here in Vegas for a sold-out show at the Smith Center for Performing Arts. Obviously he travels to pimp his books out but, omg, the guy is the consummate entertainer and promoter of think big and get out of your own way. He picks a unique theme for each gig and our's was his dissection of movies, tv shows and commercials that get science right or horribly wrong. He weaves his personal opinions and bias throughout which is great. I did not agree with some of his opinions but I embrace someone that is outspoken versus P.C..

      Spoiler alert - He commented the ONLY thing the Star War franchise gets right is dual moons. And, he gave a thumbs up for the Bud Light commercial. hahhahahah

      Personally, I love his son's afro! Tyson's family was on Family Feud btw. Also, I did not know his wife is Native American from Alaska.

    • Note to mods: you might want to merge this thread with another one that discusses the book Chris cited. Also, is there a way to contact mods without making a public post? I know that we can report a post, but this seems a little different.

    • Thank you Richard, and great post about the book in the other thread. We don't have a merge function yet or private messaging, but anyone can email me at chris at cake dot co.

    • Another book I will need to read.

      P W Singer has written several books about cyber war and autonomous robots and drones, including one fictional one - Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War.

      He writes well, and presents interesting, if frightening, information. The first book of his I read was "Wired for War" published in 2009, so he has been at this subject for some time.

      I think when you read him. you will come to the conclusion he has been a hard sci-fi buff for a very long time.

      You can find his website at

    • I was going to post a "discussion" titled "What are you reading this week" but Chris you have posted some great books here so I am gonna stay on this happy train. hahahahah

      With all this enthusiasm for books, we are due for some furrowed brows and hisses. hahahah Guess what I just bought with some Amazon Kindle credit? Actually, all the reviews clearly give her credit for being a legit business person. In fact maybe more so than the guy with orange hair?

    You've been invited!