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    • I think two things, looking back, really stand out: is one, adaptability, and two, authenticity. 

      What I’ve learned from the various brands I’ve worked with, and in turn the mentors I gained, is having true authenticity, not only around what you’re doing, but the community you represent. We live in a digital era, with access to nearly everything at our fingertips. Almost the curse of the 'Instagram era,' is the ability for anyone to mimic or replicate someone else — truth is, the audience can see right through that. Being authentic, I believe, will get you far in the long run. 

      And then second, is adaptability. I think this comes from working in a startup environment since day one of my career. No two days have ever been the same. Not being in a predictable office environment, set the foundation to thrive in fast pace, scrappy teams. Working in digital too, has also gotten me comfortable with the unknown. For example, Instagram wasn’t the same platform it was 6 months ago, let alone two weeks ago. If I’m not open to that, it’s quite frankly, going to be very hard to keep up.