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    • My entire life I’d been someone who dabbled in multiple projects — running side hustles, blogging or writing in my spare time. About two years ago, I was longing for a creative outlet that was my own, while also missing swimming. I started to think ‘What if I combined everything I liked into one platform?.’ I used to be a blogger back in the day when it was a ‘thing,’ so I was keen to go back to that, while sharing more on my love for the water. I’d been retired from the sport for a few years by that point, and with my background in fashion and photography, decided to combine everything into one. I started to do a few photo-shoots, and worked with a few close friends on what a website could look like. As EAU CLUB started to evolve, I began to have visions around product — it all started with the robe. The idea being to develop a piece you could wear by the pool, in your home, and take on your travels. Long story short, and several late nights later, I finally pushed the button in July 2018. I was so uncertain as to how it was going to go, but learned a lot, and have since evolved it into various essentials, editorials, and partnerships —  it’s been a whirlwind since that initial launch!