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    • Yes. I can’t promise a lifetime, but I hope it’s a very long time. This goes back to the durable, practical element. Everything I make gets better with wear. Our towels are made of Turkish cotton, and the more you wash them, the softer they get. I try to think that all our pieces will hold a story: you take that towel on a beach vacation, then hang it in your bathroom. Eventually you have stories, memories, day-to-day rituals that it starts to hold. And looking back, this again was inspired by my swimming days, living in pieces like a parka that you’d take on your travels, wear everyday to practice — overtime, it starts to hold stories. Even to this day, I look at my old swim meet sweatshirts (now turned into a quilt by mom), and all of a sudden they bring up memories of when I went to a certain state to compete in, or just hanging out with my teammates. Really, pieces that tell a story.