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    • I approach all of my product first and foremost, with the foundation of: is this wearable and is it practical. When I was building EAU CLUB and evolving the initial idea, it all went back to my days as a swimmer — the pieces you left the pool in, were those you’d stay in all day. That’s honestly the main inspiration behind the lounge coat — you can wear it to the pool, style it as a
      cover-up, transition it into a trench coat. Pieces you can actually live in. Our towels for example, you can bring on vacation, be it styled as a towel at the beach or a shawl going out. Pieces that can be with you throughout the day, and even, all four seasons. And then there’s a durability factor — I don’t want to create something that’s so delicate it can’t handle the wear and tear of sand and water. I’m drawn to heavier linens, or a really sturdy denim — materials that can hold the lifetime of a product.