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    • Remember "Anonymous"? The Trump official who anonymously wrote a book called "A Warning"? Last November, they said they would reveal themselves before the election and they apparently still intend to do so. However, before they do, they’ve come out with an update, urging a vote for Joe Biden. It’ll be interesting to see who “Anonymous” is and whether or not they will actually reveal who they are. And if they do, will it make any impact? I think it would have to be someone really important. As a matter of fact, the only person who I think could really make waves by coming out of the shadows as "Anonymous" is Mike Pence, and I highly doubt it's him. Gonna be interesting…  

    • Yeah, that’s why I don’t think it’s Pence. Pence I think is trying to do a balancing act between being supportive of the Republican Party and Trump administration while also not being closely linked to Trump’s craziness. So far, I think he’s done a pretty good job at doing that.

    • So far no book or person attacking Trump has had much of any effect on his base. Have the Republicans gerrymandered enough for the base to bring them a win? That’s the big question.

    • I still don’t understand the grip he has on his base. I’ve tried and tried and I guess I’ll never understand. I tried to understand anti maskers and Qanon supporters too, but failed.

      Why is this happening mostly to America?

    • Poor schooling. Lack of science education. Lack of critical thinking. More access to social media. Religion rates. A president that promotes conspiracy theories and to not trust the main stream news. Individual freedoms to believe whatever the heck they want. Some combination of the above and more.

    • I know some highly educated people that support Trump. Do not understand why. Do they not see he has no moral compass? Let's hope white retirees and evangelicals see the light and vote differently this time.

    • First off people vote in their own personal interests. If they are religious it doesn’t seem to matter much how educated they are. Second, how is the person educated? A PhD physicist for example may know almost nothing about most other subjects taught at their university. Skeptics have shown that even scientists can sometimes fall victim to charlatans like people who say they have paranormal powers. Skepticism and the ability to critically evaluate things requires deliberate training. The article I posted on is an example of this. It talks about a study comparing University history professors, students and fact checkers. Even the university professors were lousy at evaluating a website that was written by people with nefarious goals. This illustrates the need to teach people these skills. Research also shows that people who have some college can often become their own worst enemy because they’re able to find support for practically any belief they may have or search up. Each individual needs to be asked why they support Trump. There are a multitude of reasons why a person may choose Trump. Not least of which could be that they’ve identified as a Republican all of their lives. Maybe they watch Fox News...I should also add that politics is very divisive in the USA and people of each party seem to accept the whole gamut of a party’s position. If you’re against climate change for instance you’re likely to be Republican. If youre for taxing the rich you’re likely democratic. If you are anti-abortion you’re likely republican and so on. The USA needs to somehow split views on various subjects with political parties. It’s led to a situation where science has little say when a scientific viewpoint gets labelled as left or right wing.

      Then there’s the influence of think tanks, media and other such influences supported and created by billionaires and other rich people. Let’s not forget the influence of the super rich like the Koch brothers on the Republican Party. The rich keep promoting ideas that support them and them alone for the most part. Big tobacco and it’s campaign to cover up cancer and create uncertainty. Big oil is doing the same. It’s hard for the average person to figure things out.

    • I can't fully understand it, either. I think a lot of it comes down to people believe what they want to believe. There's a world view that they want to believe in and Trump promotes that world view. Even if it doesn't line up with reality. It's frightening, I think.

    • As for why this is happening in America, the only thing I can say is that America has developed a political environment where people are super suspicious of the opposing party. I feel Republicans are even more suspicious of Democrats than Democrats are of Republicans, which is mind-boggling to me. But if you really see the other side as evil and dangerous, you'll vote for the other party purely out of fear.

      Republicans play the fear card better than Democrats do. And to the Democrats' credit, last week, they didn't shy from playing that card. They had to. Too much is on the line.

    • WGBH, a public radio station in Boston that hosted the TEDx that I spoke at, created a series on conspiracy theories. They have a Q&A with the filmmakers Thursday night, which I signed up for. Let me see if I can copy and paste their email and have the links work:

      Meet the Makers: Pulling The Thread-Unraveling Conspiracy Thinking THURSDAY, AUG. 27, 2020, 7:00PM-8:00PM EST

      Zoom Webinar GET TICKETS

      Pulling the Thread is a digital documentary series that unravels some of America’s most popular conspiracy theories and reveals the emotional, cognitive and social forces that lead rational people to believe irrational things. The project doesn’t tell people what to think, but pushes us to examine how we think — why conspiracy theories are so alluring, how baseless rumors and “fake news” undermine trust and democracy — and what we can all do about it.
      Join WGBH and WORLD Channel for a two-episode screening of Pulling The Thread, along with a live panel discussion and Q&A with the filmmakers. Award-winning television and radio host Tina Martin will moderate this discussion with filmmakers Kristin Pichaske and Danny Alpert. Dr. Joseph Uscinski, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Miami, will join the panel.

      Episode I: Conspiracy Theories Are For Losers (7:58)
      Episode 2: The Five Triggers Of Conspiracy Thinking (8:38)

      Watch the entire Pulling The Thread series at WORLD Channel.

    • One of the reasons Taylor gives for not signing his name to the doc is that then the president would never actually respond or reflect on the content of the message, he would just call the guy names.

      What happened when Taylor’s name was revealed? Sure enough, Trump and his spokesgirl didn’t respond or reflect, they just called Taylor a bunch of names. 🙄