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    • Having been lucky enough to fly 50,000+ feet, once...

      I saw a bit of curvature of the Earth. Sad this guy had to mort himself in a homemade rocket to witness what he could have discovered in an airplane.

      But, at least he was free to chose his course!

    • Munch, I watched a documentary on Flat Earth enthusiasts. To their mind, the view from an airplane would somehow be rigged to look like there’s a curvature. Hence the need for experiments to be done solely under the control of Flat Earthers. At the end of the documentary, a crew is unsuccessfully trying to prove the Earth is flat by shining a laser at a target several miles away. Faulty equipment was the surmisal, not the existence of a curvature of the Earth.

    • Thanks for the info and vid link!

      Interesting group of characters, these FE folks.

      As a retired airline pilot, having flown most of my career to Europe, South America and Asia...

      I wonder how these folks explain the Great Circle routing which undoubtedly saves time and fuel. I guess they would argue the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line, which I would agree with, except when flying above the surface of Earth. Earth isn't "a perfect oblate spheroid". But it isn't flat either looking through my Mark 1 Mod 0 eyeballs/observations.

      I guess Boeing "rigged" the compass when flying from North America to Asia to indicate initially flying north then swinging through the westerly to southerly headings after passing Alaska and approaching Russia. That's a lot of "rigging" in my book, even for Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream, you name the plane.

    • What you didn't have to sign a document with the airline stating you'd never tell the truth that the earth is flat...that's what I heard one guy claim

    • NDA.

      Nor have I ever seen any UFOs flying around or wanting to fly formation on me.

      I have witnessed literally hundreds of slash and burn fires in the Amazon in a single night...and that is a sad thing.