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    • I still use it for friends & family because I feel I have to. They're all there.

      One thing I think people should know, however, is what a closed group means. It means it's open for all to see who is participating. You can't read what the members say, but you can see who is on the membership list.

      I mention this because once upon a time I started questioning my Mormon faith and joined a closed group (Mormon Stories) to ask questions. There were nice, knowledgeable people in there at the time but many members assumed it was anti-Mormon. To my surprise it generated quite a scandal for me at church because people could see I'd joined the group.

      More seriously, I know of gay Mormon teens who at the time were coming to grips with their sexuality and joined a closed group. They didn't realize they would soon be outed to their parents and other church members via their membership being public.

    • Yep. Same as I have for the last 6 years or so. I never got in to the whole update status and post where I am stuff. I just use it for groups and following companies and news feeds. No need to change as far as I can see.

    • Just deleted mine. The only thing that was keeping me there was messenger being the prime communication method between me and all my friends. I managed to get most of them over to just using Signal for our group chats, which was surprising. We just all use that now and rest assured that all of our messages are encrypted.

    • I started and still run a very popular local ADV group on Facebook in support of my website for the same purpose. Beyond that as Chris says in some ways you have to to keep up with family and friends.
      I have recently cut back what I have on there and purged about 30% of those that were on my friends list.
      Facebook has become the monster that cannot be sated and so many people only look there for information now that if you have a website of any sort you almost HAVE to have an active Facebook presence for your website/brand/whatever to be discovered.

    • app wise you can deactivate your Facebook account but still have messenger active... that’s what I do. I think they have some clunky rules about when people can message you but I don’t use it enough to care what those rules are.

      Basically anyone you message can message you back but I think someone trying to find you or start a new convo maybe can’t... or at least not easily.

    • Interesting about Signal, Jace. They wrote a fascinating blog post the other day about being blocked in countries like Egypt and the UAE. To counter that, they've been using domain cloaking so their traffic there looks like it's coming from another domain those governments don't block. And of course, once Google and Amazon found out about it, they demanded that they cease and desist.

    • Oh yeah, you can do that. I just wasn't okay with the information they could harvest from my chats, the fact that they are a part of PRISM and the implications of that. I also didn't want them to have my facebook data at all anymore, which you can only accomplish with a delete.

    • They're great, and dedicated to user privacy. In my industry they're held in very high regard. I hope they can find a solution that allows users in those countries to connect.

    • I rarely post anything on my own page (? Feed? Account? not sure of the correct term), but still comment in others’ threads quite a bit. I have never used the Facebook sign-in capability so fb doesn’t have me linked to a lot of other apps. I HATE the pathetic message fb posts occasionally, “we care about you and your memories” (or whatever) accompanied by a random historic post—that alone makes me resent the hell out of The FB Machine. I may be stupid to think I’m flying under the radar, but I don’t get bombarded with personalized marketing nearly as much as some of my fb-enfatuated friends do...