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    • Interesting about Signal, Jace. They wrote a fascinating blog post the other day about being blocked in countries like Egypt and the UAE. To counter that, they've been using domain cloaking so their traffic there looks like it's coming from another domain those governments don't block. And of course, once Google and Amazon found out about it, they demanded that they cease and desist.

    • Oh yeah, you can do that. I just wasn't okay with the information they could harvest from my chats, the fact that they are a part of PRISM and the implications of that. I also didn't want them to have my facebook data at all anymore, which you can only accomplish with a delete.

    • They're great, and dedicated to user privacy. In my industry they're held in very high regard. I hope they can find a solution that allows users in those countries to connect.

    • I rarely post anything on my own page (? Feed? Account? not sure of the correct term), but still comment in others’ threads quite a bit. I have never used the Facebook sign-in capability so fb doesn’t have me linked to a lot of other apps. I HATE the pathetic message fb posts occasionally, “we care about you and your memories” (or whatever) accompanied by a random historic post—that alone makes me resent the hell out of The FB Machine. I may be stupid to think I’m flying under the radar, but I don’t get bombarded with personalized marketing nearly as much as some of my fb-enfatuated friends do...