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    • well, I never thought i'd be someone posting in this thread but here I am...

      Up until two weeks ago I had been on a scooter zero times in my life, skateboards zero times and one time @Chris let me try out his boosted board... until a recent trip to Paris.

      In our adventure to try as much coffee and carbs as possible we saw the Lime Scooters everywhere. She finally convinced me to just try it, I was skeptical as hell.

      I LOVED it.

      (Except for the part when I fell after 90 minutes of developing too much confidence and being distracted by Notre Dame.)

      Weather permitting I think I could cruise the 25 blocks to the office in NYC in under 10 minutes. I see myself either being an owner or daily renter of a Lime or Bird electric scooter when it is allowed in New York.

      I can see that this definitely requires regulation. I was bombing around wherever and occasionally going the wrong direction on a one way and pedestrian areas. I'm sure the Parisians aren't loving Lime at the moment.

      So fun.

    • They are a blast. πŸ˜€ There are some seriously great scooters being made now. I think you need this adventure model. It goes 40 mph and has disc brakes, lights, shock absorbers, and looks badass.