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    • This was an impulse buy for me on Amazon when I saw that it was only $125. The kids are going crazy over it so I have to set a 5-minute timer or they argue over whose turn it is. It makes me feel like I need to do a couple more impulse clicks, but should I?

      In the meantime, I notice Lime electric bikes are multiplying like rabbits in our neighborhood, parked on sidewalks waiting for you to scan the code to unlock it and ride it somewhere. Rumor is Google is about to invest $250 million into Lime to fund more of them.

      And the electric scooter rental company Bird just raised $300 million to make them ubiquitous. They claim to be the fastest-growing company in the world. What do you think?

    • wonder how the "man" will enforce the laws on these. Smaller razors can be 8+ to 13+ depending on motor. Lime and scooter rentals I believe have 16 as the limit.
      Would have been great being 16 and having access to this transportation, yet I know my youth and inability to look after anything so I can see this being like the bikes and finding them everywhere and places they get dumped. Hope the cities have a way to manage this eyesore and misuse.
      Where is my GPS hiding tarp and tools, I need some good batteries for my experiments! (kidding, but I bet they lose a bunch to theft of the battery and tech.)
      I hope it takes on, when I travel to norway I never rent a car and the cities would benefit from an easy rent as you go system.

    • And the electric scooter rental company Bird just raised $300 million to make them ubiquitous.Β 

      I wonder how much of the money goes into scooter maintenance and a monstrous insurance plan?

      I've also seen a few articles written on the number of people they pay to drive around collecting scooters, assessing their condition, charge them, re-deploy, and take some back to the repair center. Seems like a whole lot of overhead (πŸ’°).

      Last time I was in SF, those that obeyed the rules and stayed in the bike lanes were not a problem. However there were a lot of riders in the sidewalk weaving through foot-traffic at 15MPH. It was really annoying and unsafe.

    • As one of those rare people who use sidewalks for walking, I'm not sure I'm too keen on having motorised skateboards whizzing by me all the time. And I'm pretty sure it would be insane to take them onto a busy road. Scooters are scary enough on the roads around me, they're too slow and invite a rear-ender from an inattentive driver.

      As for the rental bikes, I would assume they would only be successful in densely populated areas? Given the hollow core that is most large city downtowns in the US, I wonder where they could place them?

    • I have to start using the search function. I posted a similar conversation without knowing about this one. My feeling is that scooters are a genius idea that could seriously help amerliorate congestion, climate change and city accessability. I think however that cities have to be modified and eventually designed with these kind of things in mind. Until that happens we will have a fight between those who want them and those who don't.

    • well, I never thought i'd be someone posting in this thread but here I am...

      Up until two weeks ago I had been on a scooter zero times in my life, skateboards zero times and one time @Chris let me try out his boosted board... until a recent trip to Paris.

      In our adventure to try as much coffee and carbs as possible we saw the Lime Scooters everywhere. She finally convinced me to just try it, I was skeptical as hell.

      I LOVED it.

      (Except for the part when I fell after 90 minutes of developing too much confidence and being distracted by Notre Dame.)

      Weather permitting I think I could cruise the 25 blocks to the office in NYC in under 10 minutes. I see myself either being an owner or daily renter of a Lime or Bird electric scooter when it is allowed in New York.

      I can see that this definitely requires regulation. I was bombing around wherever and occasionally going the wrong direction on a one way and pedestrian areas. I'm sure the Parisians aren't loving Lime at the moment.

      So fun.

    • They are a blast. πŸ˜€ There are some seriously great scooters being made now. I think you need this adventure model. It goes 40 mph and has disc brakes, lights, shock absorbers, and looks badass.