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    • The latest #Photowalk video is out today, a trip to the coastal central California town of Morro Bay, home to 10,000 residents, and a whole lot of birds, dolphins, seals and those amazing sea otters.

      These sea creatures like to lie on their back, take a snooze and pose for photographers.

      Otherwise, Morro is best known for the 581 foot rock that is the center of the town. You can watch the complete video above (PLEASE DO!!!) as well as the 60 second sizzle/highlight reel here below.

      On this episode, I was joined by local photographer Ginger from, who helps show us the best spots in town to capture the Rock. Thanks again Ginger!

      On my blog I put together a detailed, suggested #Photowalk route for your trip, starting at Tidelands Park on one edge of town, and down Embarcadero to the Rock. Pier T is the halfway point, where you'll want to stop and enjoy the Otters. Whatever you do, don't drive to the Rock, or you'll miss the highlight of the trip!

      Photowalk friends know that this is one photographer who will always jump at the idea of a road trip vs. airline travel. I was en route back from a L.A.-San Jose trip for the day job when I was lucky enough to be able to spend 44 hours in Morro Bay.

      A one hour flyover would have prevented that!

      With camera by my side, doing timelapse, HDR and photojournalism duty, these camera eyes picked up a lot about Morro I had never seen before. This much I know--as cool as it was to be in overcast weather for two and a half days, I missed the rich colors of the town, which I'm told are best in the fall and winter.

      Can't wait to go back!

      Finally, because no road trip is complete without a Grilled Cheese run, a big shoutout to the staff of Tognazzini's Dockside Restaurant for a killer version last week.

    • Otters! 🥰 🥰 🥰 They stole the show. It was interesting to have a full time photographer who knows the area show where she took some of her best photos.

    • You went longer this time! How do you feel about that? Was it a lot more work?

      I really liked this one because otters but I think even more I liked having a working photographer show us her favorite spots and explain why she likes them. I'm twitchy like everyone else so I don't like to sit for long, but this felt interesting. I'm as interested in the community as the photography and there was some of that in it.

      What was the guitar music near the end? Shazam didn't know and I looked for credits and didn't see any. Are you like Clint Eastwood, writing your own music and performing it?

      This photo:

    • Thanks Chris--as you know, I'd been urged by my legion of fans (OK, a guy named Neal) to go longer and my wife to shut up and show more pictures.

      Supposedly YouTube prefers longer--we'll see if it makes a difference.

      I could have gone 30 minutes on this one--weave in some history, more interviews--there was so much material to work with. But alas....we'll try that on the next one.

      Going longer meant....twice as long editing! This was about a 20 hour edit, or so it seemed. But I like the feel, and the ability to add the Sunday Morning type slices of bird/otter life, drone shots, etc. Glad you enjoyed it too!

      And how about a Photowalk Oscar to Ginger! She was quite the find!

      As for music, that was royalty free from Killer Tracks. You won't find it on Shazam.

      As a guitar player I interpret the music of others. If I recorded my own noodling, that probably add another 30 hours to the edit. Maybe one day.

      Thanks again for watching and Happy Father's Day to you!