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    • Do we really want to listen to one another or do we merely say that we do and then turn around and misrepresent one another?

      One of the main reasons that I started avoiding political talk show is that I found that both the right and the left misrepresent their opposition.

      One of the most frequent misrepresentations is to take the most extreme view on an issue and try to make it sound as if everyone who has a concern relating to the issue holds the extremist view.

      As an example, there are many people who have supported vaccinations for decades that are not supportive of those vaccines which use fetal tissues, but they may be referred to as being anti-vaxxers by political commentators on the left.

    • Religious reasons. Because of religion and George bush’s limiting use of this tissue for developmental research and stem cell research, the USA lost years of research time. Religion gets in the way of scientific progress.

    • I was going to say that too. I thought in the day Bush was making a costly mistake. One of Bill Gates’ big challenges in his billion-dollar/year effort to eradicate polio is the Taliban, who shoot medical workers who administer vaccines.

    • You just proved my point.

      I didn't say anything about legal prohibition of vaccine development.

      Some people for religious reasons don't eat pork. Some people won't tolerate them.

      You won't tolerate those who don't take certain vaccines.

    • I started this "conversation" not you.

      I was not talking about the past but about the present. I was writing of those who are opposed to taking certain vaccines even though they are in favor of being vaccinated with other vaccines.

      It was you who disparaged their reasons for opposing those vaccines.

      Your comment was disrespectful because it equally applies to other religious things as well. Restricted diets, special clothing, limitations on activities, and choosing which vaccines are taken and which ones are rejected when the reason is that one is religiously Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, or any other religion should not be responded to with disparagement and bigotry.

    • I defend freedom of religion. That being said it’s still a fact that religion set genetic research back. It’s not bigotry. I also didn’t intend to apply that religious comment to a blanket statement that you made it cover. Again, you are putting words in my mouth that I didn’t say nor implied. Also saying that religion set it back doesn’t mean that it wasn’t necessarily the right choice to make. Countries should decide based on what their citizens want and they wanted it this way. I guess I should add that I don’t consider anything sacred or beyond criticism because it has a religious element. Clearly you are a believer. Let’s all focus on facts and try not to get offended. Tear apart my argument rather than try to make a personal attack.

    • I didn't say these things are "beyond criticism."

      The fact that I believe in certain things does not mean that I believe that Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Rabbinical Judaism, Islam, are correct but I do believe that their scruples should not be disrespected.